The Sun Lee Award

The Sun Lee Award
Proposal for nomination process and the Award Ceremony:

  • Right of the Board Members for nomination (with name, CV, appreciation), sending to the Secretary General of the ISEM
  • The Secretary General collects the nominations and opens electronical voting by the Board Members
  • Process should be finished at least one year before the forthcoming ISEM congress
  • The Award: Certificate and Medal
  • Given during the Congress Opening Ceremony, together with delivery of the Sun Lee Memorial lecture (Part I: remembering for Prof. Sun Lee, Part II: scientific results of the Awardee)
To honor Prof. Sun Lee’s lifetime contributions to experimental microsurgery, a special award "Dr. Sun Lee’s Outstanding Experimental Microsurgery Career Award" was established. The Recipients of this Prestigious Award:
  • 1998 Arnulf Thiede (Germany)
  • 2000 Masumi Nozawa (Japan)
  • 2002 Robert Zhong (Canada)
  • 2004 Sobhi Hweidi (Egypt)
  • 2006 Antonio di Cataldo (Italy)
  • 2008 Huifang Chen (Canada)
  • 2009 Corradino Campisi (Italy) and Shiguang Qian (USA)
  • 2010 Iren Miko (Hungary) and Yoko Mullen (USA)
  • 2011 Wolff M. Kirsch (USA) and Duck Jong Han (Korea)
  • 2012 Eiji Kobayashi (Japan)
  • 2014 Chang Hyun Yoo (Korea) and Yuqin Wang (USA)
  • 2015 Norbert Nemeth (Hungary)
  • 2016 Edna F.S. Montero (Brazil) and Robert M. Hoffman (USA)
  • 2018 Istvan Furka (Hungary) and Mihai Ionac (Romania)